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What others have said:
Bill Tara,
Author; Natural Body, Natural Mind

"Since the mid 1960's, Renée has been part of the trend toward Natural Health Care in America and Europe. She was the driving force for Natural Health Centers in Boston, Chicago and London, England. Her classes have inspired hundreds of men and women in their quest for improved diet and learning to cook delicious and healthy natural food meals."
About Renée Gremore
Good health and longevity has been a life long interest of Renée's, leading her to study preventative healthcare and some of the more traditional approaches to Well Being. 

For 17 years she devoted her time and expertise to the Natural food's Movement, teaching cooking internationally and Co-creating Wellness Centers with others of like mind.
"The dining experience is all up to you. Bring the best to your table and see Life change from the inside out."
                      - Renée
Renée's New Kitchen

Donal Cox,
Actor: London, England

"Renée Gremore was my first Natural Food Cooking Teacher, back in 1973 and I am delighted that her wisdom and experience in creating nutritious and delicious whole food meals is still available to a new generation of students. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Renée."